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Private Collection


For its “Private Collection”, Mellerio has created a range of dazzling colours and bold forms. Eager to return the long-standing expertise of its workshops at the heart of the creative process, it has decided to celebrate its History by digging into its archives and paying homage to the stunning pieces of the previous generation of designers and by dipping into its exceptional reserve of precious stones. Each of the pieces from this “Private Collection” is named after a resort place that reflects its character.

Pend Hydra CMJN
Pendentif Hydra
BO Formentera larger
BO Formentera CMJN high
BO Likoma CMJN high
BO Likoma larger
Bague Likoma
Bague Likoma CMJN
Bague Minorca
Bague Minorca
Bague Goa profil CMJN
Bague Paratii CMJN
Bague Paratii
Bague Porto Ercole
Bague Porto Ercole CMJN
Bague  Nosy Be CMJN
Bague Nosy Be
Bague Livadia
Bague Livadia profil CMJN
Bague Cape Cod CMJN
Bague Cape Cod