Cabinet de Curiosités Mellerio

The cabinet of curiosities imagined and launched a few months ago by Maison Mellerio has been enriched with new items for the end of the year.
The baroque opulence of the Renaissance is reflected and developed once again in each new piece of jewellery designed by Laure-Isabelle Mellerio.
First of all, there's a joyful collection of precious, contemporary gold links, enriched with immaculate pearls or coloured stones, to which are attached a series of talismans evocative of a sumptuous period when every woman and man combined the signs of their taste and personality to suit the moment and their mood. What could be more contemporary than to place this savoir-faire at the heart of contemporary jewellery?

"Baby Queen" Charms

Inspired by the Color Queen ring, which alone embodies the House's stylistic identity, these new charms or bonbons-bijoux play on gourmand colour and sublimate the colourful associations that are so original to the House: the yellow of citrine with the mauve of sapphires, the violet of amethyst with the green of tsavorites, the green of peridot with the pink of sapphires. Complementing these three joyful and energetic harmonies, the gold of the rutile needles meets the diamonds set in yellow gold, while the black of the arrows of love clashes with the black diamonds set in white gold in two complementary creations.

Precious Cameos

Inspired by Marie-Antoinette's legendary cameo bracelet, part of Mellerio's historic heritage, three emperors' figures are adorned and enhanced with rubies, diamonds or pearls, to be worn on their own or in an accumulation.
With great respect for Italian tradition, each cameo is finely sculpted in shell by the skilled hands of artisans from the Italian peninsula, whose emperors' faces have for over 2000 years embodied the glorious hours and influence of this multi-faceted country, the cradle of the Mellerio family.

Liens Necklaces

New "Liens" necklaces, all inspired by the opulence of the Renaissance and the taste of Queen Marie de Médicis, were adorned with pearls or coloured precious stones to enrich the Cabinet of Curiosities.
This tradition of pearl-loving has endured down the centuries, particularly at the beginning of the 20th century, when the Maison Mellerio became the French benchmark for pearls. Today, these necklaces of white or coloured pearls are worn as chokers or long necklaces, enhanced by a jewellery clasp in the iconic shape of the Mellerio cut diamond.