Etoile Mystérieuse High Jewelry necklace in yellow gold 18k with diamonds, sapphires, colored sapphires, rubies and emerald

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Etoile Mysterieuse medal in 18k yellow gold, set with :
1 Star sapphire (5.04 ct),
1 Navette sapphire (0.26 ct),
2 Rectangle sapphires (1.69 ct),
1 Tricorn Sapphire (1,59 ct),
5 Yellow Kite Sapphires (2.40 ct),
1 Rectangle Yellow Sapphire (0.62ct)
16 Diamonds (0.29 ct),
1 Square Emerald (0.24 ct),
1 Fancy Emerald (0.4 ct),
1 Oval Emerald (0.67 ct),
1 Emerald Pear (0,58 ct),
1 Round Emerald (0.35 ct),
1 Oval Ruby (1.11 ct),
2 Rectangle Rubies (1.7 ct),
2 Round Rubies (0.97 ct),
1 Triangle Ruby (0.28 ct),
56 Emeralds (1.07 ct),
22 Mint Garnets (0.6 ct),
22 Rubies (0.8 ct),
77 Sapphires (1.95 ct),
34 Yellow Sapphires (0.95 ct),
48 Pink Sapphires (1.54 ct).
Total of 297 stones (25.1 ct).
18k yellow gold bezel.
On a hand-crafted 18k yellow gold chain, rectangular link with clover section.
Medal weight: 104g, Chain weight 57.87g

N° H2YG111

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Cabinet of Curiosities for Women and Men

This season, the Maison Mellerio returns to the Renaissance, the time of its creation and the continual source of its inspiration. 

During this period, the art of collecting unusual and mysterious objects was born in Europe, with the aim of gathering a personal and intimate inventory of all the wonders of the world.

Mellerio chose to revive its passion for naturalism through a first cabinet of curiosities composed of small hanging gardens, exquisite charms and evocative and protective talisman medals, to be accumulated both on the wrists and hung on new gold chains with geometric and fluted links.

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