Jardin Pierreries Necklace High Jewelry necklace in yellow gold 18k, pink gold 18k and green gold 18k with diamonds, purple sapphires and amethysts

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Jardins Pierreries Necklace in 18k yellow gold, flowers in 18k pink gold, leaves on 18k green gold, set with :
1 Mellerio cut diamond HRD 17003000006 (0.95 ct),
1 Mellerio cut diamond HRD 17003000003 (0.58 ct),
1 Mellerio cut diamond EVVS2 HRD 15035885003 (0.46 ct),
1 Mellerio cut diamond EVVS1 HRD 05008129010 (0.42 ct),
1 Diamond FVS2 GIA1375278079 (0.3 ct),
1 Mellerio cut diamond DIF HRD15036292091 (0.29 ct),
1 Mellerio cut diamond HRD15037064009 (0.29 ct),
1 Mellerio cut diamond DVS1 HRD15036292041 (0.27 ct),
1 Mellerio cut diamond GLC HRD15020330002 (0.23 ct),
10 Oval diamonds FGVS+ (1.36 ct),
20 Pear diamonds FGVS+ (1.02 ct),
22 Amethysts (236.61 ct),
176 Purple sapphires (5.02 ct),
575 Diamonds FGVS+ (4.34 ct).
Total 812 stones (252.14 ct).
Gold Weight : 94,74g
Adjustable size 40cm / 45cm

N° H2YG062

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Pierreries for women

Inspired by the sculptural richness, joyful colours and romantic spirit of the jewellery created by the family company between 1820 and 1830, Laure Isabelle Mellerio, artistic director and chairman of the Mellerio jewellery company, presents an unprecedented collection of unique pieces that combine historical heritage and contemporary vitality.

Named Pierreries, in homage to the evocative power and fairy-tale dimension of multicoloured gems clustered together on the skin, this new collection showcases the virtuosity of the company's workshops, as demonstrated by the versatility of the necklaces.

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