Riviera Lilas S Ring Fine jewelry ring in yellow gold 18k with color sapphires

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Unique pieces, numbered from 1 to 4, with different colored sapphires.
Gold thread representing the Mellerio cut, with a chased part
1 heated colored sapphire
1 Diamond (0.025ct)
18k Yellow gold
Motif size: 1.2x0.9cm

N° FJ1YG407


Riviera S ring in 18k yellow gold set with a heated coloured sapphire and a diamond
Unique pieces, numbered from 1 to 4

Laure-Isabelle Mellerio presents a new collection that pays tribute to the refinement of a lifestyle steeped in history and bliss. Blending elegance and casualness, picturesque charm and love of the Avant-Garde, the French Riviera is naturally a source of inspiration for Maison Mellerio.
In tribute to the sixties and the glittering seasons characterized by festivity and joie de vivre, Laure-Isabelle Mellerio shapes light and enhances the colours that embellish these unique pieces, with their intertwining myriads of precious stones: soft emerald with its deep and intense green, evoking the parasol pines whose protective beauty is illuminated by the radiance of the diamond.
A discreet evocation of the company’s centuries-old history, the ovoid shape develops its graceful convolutions in a subtle recollection of the Beau Sancy and the Dolce Vita.

Motif size: 1.2x0.9cm
Delivered in its box with a certificate of authenticity

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Diameter of Ring Size US size
14.65mm 46 3-3/4
14.97mm 47 4
15.29mm 48 4-1/2
15.61mm 49 4-3/4
15.92mm 50 5-1/4
16.24mm 51 5-3/4
16.56mm 52 6
16.88mm 53 6-1/4
17.20mm 54 6-3/4
17.52mm 55 7-1/4
17.83mm 56 7-1/2
18.15mm 57 8